Recording a presentation in a Zoom Room

Using Zoom Room for Classroom Presentation Recording

1. Log in to main computer if you would like to present anything up on the projector screen.  
2. Control settings with the Room Control Application on the desktop
3. To start Zoom Recording click on the “Meet Now” button on the iPad next to the computer. Meet Now Button
4. NOTE: If you do not see the Meet Now button, click on the red “Leave” button to exit the old session.  
5. Click on “Start Recording” button. Start Recording Button
6. Enter the email address you want to receive the recorded presentation to and click OK.
7. Once your presentation has ended click “Stop Recording.”
8. You should receive an email within about an hour to three hours with the recorded session.  
9. Click on the Leave button. Leave Button
10.  The presentation could take a couple hours to be delivered depending on the length of the recording.  










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