Using Zoom's Desktop App to Run a Meeting

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Zoom meetings or classes can be hosted from any computer with Internet access. A good camera, microphone, and wired Internet connection are recommended. Contact the IT department should you have questions about your computer setup to run Zoom meetings.

Getting to the Zoom Desktop Application

First Time Installation

The first time you use Zoom should be through the Vol State Zoom Portal at Launch a meeting from the web application and a Zoom.exe file will automatically be downloaded to your computer as shown in the following screenshot. After the download completes, click the downloaded file to install and open the desktop app. No IT assistance is required for this process.

Once installed, you will be able to open the Zoom Desktop app any time. This is a one-time setup and does not need to be repeated on the same computer.

screenshot of the Zoom desktop automatic download in action

Running the Zoom Desktop Application

Step 1: In a Windows environment, click the start menu and search for Zoom.

screen shot of Windows start menu with zoom desktop app search in progress

Step 2: Sign In (if prompted)

Click the button to Sign In, then click "Sign in with SSO."

Screenshot of the Zoom sign in desk top application

screen shot of the Zoom desktop app sign in options

Enter volstate in the SSO field and click "Continue."

screen shot of Zoom desktop SSO company domain field

Step 3: Open and Start a Meeting

Once logged into the Zoom Desktop application, use the "Meetings" link at the bottom to locate and launch a pre-scheduled meeting.

screen shot of the Zoom Desktop application once logged in as a pro account user

Point your mouse over the meeting and click the "Start" button that appears.

screen shot of the upcoming Zoom meetings

Step 4: Invite a Zoom Room to Join the Meeting

Once your meeting has started, use the "Invite" option in your menu to bring in any Vol State Zoom room.

screen shot of a live zoom meeting in progress and the invite icon

Using the tabs across the top, click on "Invite Zoom Rooms." Click to select which room(s) you want to connect with. In the example below, Livingston E210 and Springfield 146 have been selected. Finally, click the "Invite" button at the lower right corner.

Vol State Zoom rooms will automatically "answer" the invitation to connect. The final screen shot below illustrates a live Zoom meeting with the presenter connected to two Zoom classrooms. Once connected, you can continue to teach class or lead the meeting using standard Zoom controls. When finished, simply click "End Meeting" at the bottom of the screen to disconnect the session.

screen shot of a live zoom meeting in progress and connected to two Zoom rooms

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