Student Printing with Konica Minolta

Every semester, you will be granted $17.50 in print credits. The cost per size and sheet is listed at the bottom of this page.  There are Student Printers spread across campus available for printing and you can find them on this map.  


1. Print your item from one of the computers and make sure the printer SP_find_me_XXX (last letters to represent the campus you are on) is selected and select all of your print settings as you want them.ID Scan on Printer







Associate Your Card Popup2. Place your Student ID card to the front of the Copier. NOTE: If this is your first time, you will be prompted to associate your card with your account. Click YES and enter your username and password. For all future prints, you will only need to scan your card to access the printer to release your print jobs.


         A.  If you do not have your student ID you can click on the Username and Password Button and log in with your normal student credentials.





PaperCut Select Print Job Screen on Printer3. Select your Job from the printer screen and click Print.






Print Costs:

  • $0.07 for Black and White, Letter Size per side

  • $0.30 for Color, Letter Size per side

  • $0.14 for Black and White, 11"x17" Size per side

  • $0.70 for Color, 11"x17" Size per side

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