Videos: How to Add Videos to eLearn

Adding Videos to eLearn

In eLearn, there are several ways that you can add video content. Please use these best practices when adding videos to your courses.

  1. Within a Content module of your choice, click the button “Upload/Create.”
  2. Select “Create a Page.”
  3. Enter a title for your page in the title field.
  4. To the blank page, use the  "Select a Document Template" to apply the page template to match the rest of the course.
  5. Type a short 1-5 sentence introduction. Explain what the students will be watching. Describe why you are having them watch the video. List any ideas or details that they should specifically look for. Whenever possible, be sure to give credit to the original source.
  6. Place the cursor wherever you want the video to be embedded, and click the “Insert Stuff” icon on the menu. This is the first button in the row and looks like a play button. This should open a smaller window that says “Insert Stuff.”
  7. Select the source of your video. Here are some tips for the most used sources:
    • My Media - select My Media when you have the video saved in your My Media resources.
    • YouTube - you can do a YouTube search right within eLearn. While this is one way to incorporate YouTube videos, you can also begin by finding a video on YouTube, clicking on "share" and copy the embed code.
    • Enter Embed Code- this is the most versatile tool for adding video content. Most video platforms provide the embed code for their videos. Copy the embed code from the source, then paste it in the Enter Embed Code tool.
    • Films on Demand- you can search for videos that are part of our Films on Demand library subscription. You can also preview the video before embedding it. You can also go directly to Films on Demand to search for videos and make clips of specific parts of longer videos. You would then get the embed code they create for the clip and use the "Enter Embed Code" option to add it to the page in eLearn.
  8. Select the Video you want to share.
  9. Click "publish" when you have finished adding content to the page.


Here is an example of how to embed a video from My Media:

Notes About Videos

Videos need to have captions that are 99% accurate. Here are some additional resources to help you find or create captioned videos:


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