Zoom: Accessing Course Zoom Meetings in eLearn

Zoom is an application that offers a video conferencing solution that facilitates online-only meetings, conferences, and messaging. Zoom is free to all Vol State students to use. Students do not need to create a Zoom account to access course meetings through eLearn, but students must download the Zoom application to join a Zoom meeting.

Accessing Zoom Meetings in eLearn

  1. Navigate to the course which has the Zoom meeting. For more information on navigating eLearn, please read the Home Page Knowledge Base article.
  2. From the course's home page, click on Course Tools in the Navbar.
  3. From the Course Tools drop-down menu, select Zoom Meetings. This will open the Zoom Meetings page.
  4. In the Zoom Meeting page, find the meeting you want to attend from the list and click the Join button. You may see multiple meetings based on your instructor's preferences.
  5. After clicking the Join button, a new page will open which will ask to start the Zoom application if you have it installed on your device.
    • If you do not have Zoom installed, click the download & run Zoom link.
      • Screenshot of the Zoom window with the download & run link highlighted with a red rectangle.
    • Then install the application to your device by clicking the download. You will then need to rejoin the meeting by following step 4.
  6. Zoom will then open and you will be asked a few questions about how you would like to join, such as turning on your webcam and which audio output to use. Once you answer those questions, you will be in the meeting.

A GIF of a user navigating to their course, clicking the Course Tools link on the Navbar and choosing Zoom Meetings from the drop-down menu. They then click the Join button for the Zoom meeting prompting Zoom to open for their meeting.

Accessing Authenticated Meetings

Your instructor may require you to be authenticated before accessing a scheduled Zoom meeting through eLearn. To access these meetings, you will need to log in to your Vol State account through Zoom. Follow these steps to authenticate your account after joining a meeting through Zoom:

  1. Join the Zoom meeting through eLearn by clicking the Join button in the Zoom Meetings page
  2. Zoom will check to see if you are logged in with your Vol State account. If you are not, Zoom will ask you to sign in. Click the Sign in to Join button.

Screenshot of the Sign in to Join window that appears if the user is not logged into their Vol State account

  1. This will launch the Zoom application on your device and take you to the Zoom Sign In screen. Click the Sign in with SSO button.

Sign in screen for the Zoom desktop application

  1. In the Sign in with SSO page, type volstate in the Company Domain box. Click Continue.

Sign in with SSO page

  1. Your Internet browser will then open a new page where a pop-up will ask you to sign in. Sign in here using your Vol State email and password.

Sign in with Vol State account and password

  1. After signing in with your Vol State account, the Zoom meeting will launch and you will join the meeting.

I'm getting an error when I try to join a meeting

If you are receiving an error message when trying to join a Zoom meeting, you may need to log out of the Zoom account you are using before accessing the meeting. To log out of the Zoom application, first, open the application on your device. Click your profile picture in the top-right corner and then choose Sign Out. You can now log in using SSO from the previous steps.

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