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Instructions for setting up Office 365 email on Android devices

Apple iOS

Instructions for setting up Office 365 email on Apple iOS devices

Outlook Online (OWA)

Instructions for accessing your web-based Outlook/Office 365 account via the Outlook Web App (OWA)

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Pinned Article How to manually archive or backup mail in Outlook 2016

How to backup email locally on your computer

How do I add a profile image to Outlook/Office 365?

This article discusses how to add a profile image to your Outlook/Office 365 account.

How Do I Setup "Out of Office" Automatic Replies in Microsoft Outlook?

This article discusses the automatic replies (Out of Office) feature in Outlook that automatically responds to an inquirer with a custom message that you provide.

How to turn on the Light Version of Outlook in Office 365

This article describes how to enable the "light version" of Outlook in Office 365. The "light version" resembles the old style of OWA that you may be more familiar and comfortable with.

How to Use OneDrive to Send Large E-mail Attachments

Office 365 email supports file attachments up to 150 MB. If you wish to send larger files, you will need to use Microsoft OneDrive.

Toggling Focused Inbox On/Off for Office 365 Email

Learn how to toggle the Focused Inbox On & Off depending on your personal preference

What is BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)?

This article discusses the BCC (blind carbon copy) feature of Outlook and best practices for using it.